Saturday, March 24, 2012

Professional Practice

From the previous post, here is the pictures of the artworks from the subject Professional Practice that not been uploaded...

Stationaries : Letterhead, Window Envelope, Business Card, Complimentary Slip, Receipt.

Business Card

Price Tags

Paperbag ( this is not the actual size, just the mock up )

Button Badges

Corporate Identity Manual Guidelines

Whole Campaign...

* I've also designed the bunting. But I didn't upload it here... Hee

Title : Advertising Tools and Corporate Identity
Background : My projects for Professional Practice. I have to produces an Advertising Campaign and Corporate Identity for a boutique which is Butik Cheeria Muslimah, by Cheeria Collection. Basically, I have to choose any company that suits me to work with and discuss with the owner how to improve their company's business and advertising campaign. It was requires me to design the best for their company's adertising tools like flyers, posters, etc and also try to handle the printing and other production needs. I was grateful to worked with the owner of Cheeria Butik Muslimah, En. Azmera Ahmad. Thanks for helping me out since our first meeting. I managed to complete the tasks on time... :) *relieved*

* The logo was created by me... That is not the current logo for the boutique... It was created for my project purpose only.

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