Friday, July 23, 2010

Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey & Clover)

TITLE: Magazine Spread
MEDIA: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
BACKGROUND: This is an assignment when I was in Part 4 from Diploma level, Electronic Publication subject... Trying to improve a better design, I am not good enough doing magazine spread back then.. Hehe... 
Since I love to watch Honey & Clover, I've decided to design a magazine spread for it... Not good enough, but at least I tried... :D

My Father, My Hero!

First Angle... (High view)

Second angle... (Neutral view)

TITLE: My Dad, My Hero!
MEDIA: Watercolor
BACKGROUND: A father trying to save his daughter from falling into the canyon. I made it in two different angles. Enjoy viewing folks!^^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye Days... Illustration

TITLE: Goodbye Days
MEDIA: 2B Mecha Pencil, 0.2 + 0.4 + 0.6 Artline pens, Adobe Photoshop Coloring, hand drawn
BACKGROUND: This is an assignments when I was in Part 5, from Diploma. This Illustration have been made for Illustration II subject where I Illustrated based on the song lyrics that I chose to depict the meaning/story of the song. Goodbye Days is the song, sang by YUI, my favourite Jpop singer.

Goodbye Days

Dakara ima ai ni yuku So kimetanda 

Poketto no kono kyoku wo 
kimi ni kikasetai 
Sotto boryu-mu wo agete 
Tashikamete mitayo 

Oh Good-bye Days 
Ima, kawaru ki ga suru 
Kinou made ni So Long 
Kakko yokunai 
Yasashisa ga soba ni aru kara 
La la la la love with you 

Katahou no earphone wo 
Kimi ni watasu 
Yukkuri to nagare komu 
Kono shunkan 
Umaku aisete imasu ka?
Tama ni mayou kedo 

Oh Good-bye Days 
Ima, kawari hajimeta 
Mune no oku 
All Right 

Kakko yokunai 

Yasashisa ga soba ni aru kara 
La la la la love with you 

Dekireba kanashii 
Omoi nante shitaku nai 
Demo yattekuru deshou, oh
Sono toki egao de 

"Yeah, Hello My Friend" nante sa 
Ieta nara ii noni 

Onaji uta wo 
Kuchizusamu toki 
Soba ni ite I Wish 
Kakko yokunai 
Yasashisa ni aeta yokatta yo 

La la la la good-bye days


So now, I’m going to meet you

that’s what I’ve decided

this song in my pocket
I want you to hear it

softly raising the volume
I’ve already tried and made sure

oh Good-bye days, now
there’s a feeling of change
up until yesterday, so long
because there’s an uncool kindness beside me
~with you

I hand the other earphone to you
it flows slowly
this moment

are you loving well?
even though you lose your way sometimes

oh Good-bye days, now
the heart that started to change, alright
because there’s an uncool kindness beside me
~with you

if possible, I’d want to
not think any sad thoughts
but you’ll show up, right?
that time, with a smile
even if you could say something like,
“Yeah hello!! my friend”
that’d be nice

when we’re humming the same song
be next to me, I wish
I’m glad I met
an uncool kindness

…goodbye days

P/s: 1) Can you tell the meaning of the song through my Illustration?hehe...