Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black & White Portraiture

Have you ever done a thing like take a picture with SLR manual camera on your own? Print Black and White photo on your own manually? Talk about manual... I repeat, MANUAL! Yes... Have you? I have! Hihihi...

See what I have here... ;)

Title: Black & White Portraiture
Tools : Yashica SLR manual camera, Kodak Black & White Film
Background : This is a portrait of a friend that I took for my assignment. I need a happy expression, and she done it very well! I love how she smile, nice pose!

*This photo is in original form, not edited... It was scanned and directly embedded it to this entry. 

There are procedures for print this photo. You need a Dark Room, Black & White photo papers, Enlarger and some chemicals for printing printing process, while you need a tank, Film roller and the chemicals for developing films. What chemicals do we need? 

  1. D76 : For developing films only
  2. Fixer : For developing films and printing process
  3. Dektol : For printing process only.
  4. Water ( This is sooo not chemical! Hahaha ) : For developing film and printing process.

What's this???

This is called contact print. contact print is a photographic image produced from film: sometimes from a film negative; sometimes from a film positive. The defining characteristic of a contact print is that the photographic result is made by exposing through the film negative or positive onto a light sensitive material that is pressed tightly to the film.

In the dark, or under a safe light, an exposed and developed piece of photographic film is placed emulsion side down, against a piece of photographic paper. Light is briefly shone through the negative. Then, the paper is developed into a contact print. The image in the emulsion has been pressed as close as possible to the photosensitive paper. An exposure box device called a contact printer or a printing frame is sometimes used within a light-controlled space called a darkroom. Enlargers can also be used for this process

So, that's it. A bit information about photography.

P/s: If you may noticed, the 'mark' that you can see in the contact print photo is done by lecturer. It shows  that the picture was chosen by my lecturer.  ^^

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Digital Packaging and Vector

Hi! It's been a long time since my last post. Not that I don't want to post anything, it's just I have a lot of things to take care of... I am not going to tell what I've been doing recently. But I will share something with you guys what did I do in developing my art and design skills.

Before we get the sharing started, I would like to say sorry for not being able to post anything in such a long time... I'm busy, that is the thing that I hate the most... I like blogging, but when it comes to projects that need to be done before datelines, I have to focus and commit... Hmm...

Well, now let's begin our journey!

Title: Digital Packaging... Cookies
Softwares: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
Background: I made a digital packaging design. The subject is cookies packaging and I have to put a model in my design. I choose Saleha, the newcomer actress as my model. Saleha starts her career as a model before she went into Film Industry, as a model she is the right choice to be in my design because of her 'clean reputation' as a celebrity same as my concept which is PURE & SIMPLE...

Original picture... Saleha is on the right.

after Illustrate it into vector in Adobe Illustrator. *Not similar? I know! Hihihi... Still learning though..

The packaging in 3D form

Packaging prototype...

How I do it... 

So, that is all I got for this post... Hope you guys learn something from this entry. If you got comments or anything, do not hesitate to share with me. Just leave the comments and share your thoughts! ^^

P/S: Don't try to steal my ideas and my design folks... I warn you... :)