Sunday, August 22, 2010

Felis Domestica Part 2

TITLE: Felis Domestica Part 2
MEDIA: Charcoal
BACKGROUND: Another illustration using charcoal as a medium...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Felis Domestica... Domestic Cat...

This is the beginning... May I present something new from me... Drum-roll please....


What is so special about this picture? Ermmm... Wait, before I forget..... As usual...

TITLE: Felis Domestica
MEDIA: Charcoal
BACKGROUND: Hey, You know what? This is an Illustration of the domestic cat that I drew a few days ago for my assignment... The special thing is, this was my first time using charcoal as a media... Hehe... Before this, I did not even dream of holding charcoal or draw using charcoal... Because I always think that the medium is really hard to control and a bit messy as it is also easily break and tend to smudge. Hihihi... Actually, is not that bad... I enjoy doing something new... And also, I like cats so much... It's some kind of inspiration for me to keep draw and make it as an illustration. Please keep do the right things! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Animal portrait...

TITLE: Pak Belang Portrait
MEDIA: Chinese Ink and Brushes
BACKGROUND: Wow, I guess this is my first time converted the animal photo into an illustration...  Quite interesting experience... Somehow, I felt like I have no confidence to draw and Illustrate it at the beginning, because I only familiar with human portrait or human figure. It is kinda hard, but I have to try for doing something different... (Conteng-conteng kartun binatang tu dah biasalah!... ^^)... And I did it well! Comment if u agree, and tell me if there is anything else I have to learn... :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cross Hatch and Wash techniques

TITLE: Portrait
MEDIA: Drawing Pens, Marker Pen.
BACKGROUND: Learn cross hatch technique and apply it on a portrait of Ana Rafalei... I hate doing cross hatching... Maybe I should learn to make my hand soften a little bit more... >_<

TITLE: Portrait
MEDIA: Chinese ink and brushes
BACKGROUND: Same portrait, but applied different techniques and media. This is called 'Wash Technique' using Chinese Ink and brushes... My Lecturer seems to like my work... He said that my Illustration was the best work so far (Among others, which is my classmates)... ^^v Hope I can Illustrate it better next time since this is my first attempt using wash technique...