Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black & White Portraiture

Have you ever done a thing like take a picture with SLR manual camera on your own? Print Black and White photo on your own manually? Talk about manual... I repeat, MANUAL! Yes... Have you? I have! Hihihi...

See what I have here... ;)

Title: Black & White Portraiture
Tools : Yashica SLR manual camera, Kodak Black & White Film
Background : This is a portrait of a friend that I took for my assignment. I need a happy expression, and she done it very well! I love how she smile, nice pose!

*This photo is in original form, not edited... It was scanned and directly embedded it to this entry. 

There are procedures for print this photo. You need a Dark Room, Black & White photo papers, Enlarger and some chemicals for printing printing process, while you need a tank, Film roller and the chemicals for developing films. What chemicals do we need? 

  1. D76 : For developing films only
  2. Fixer : For developing films and printing process
  3. Dektol : For printing process only.
  4. Water ( This is sooo not chemical! Hahaha ) : For developing film and printing process.

What's this???

This is called contact print. contact print is a photographic image produced from film: sometimes from a film negative; sometimes from a film positive. The defining characteristic of a contact print is that the photographic result is made by exposing through the film negative or positive onto a light sensitive material that is pressed tightly to the film.

In the dark, or under a safe light, an exposed and developed piece of photographic film is placed emulsion side down, against a piece of photographic paper. Light is briefly shone through the negative. Then, the paper is developed into a contact print. The image in the emulsion has been pressed as close as possible to the photosensitive paper. An exposure box device called a contact printer or a printing frame is sometimes used within a light-controlled space called a darkroom. Enlargers can also be used for this process

So, that's it. A bit information about photography.

P/s: If you may noticed, the 'mark' that you can see in the contact print photo is done by lecturer. It shows  that the picture was chosen by my lecturer.  ^^

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