Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Character Design

TITLE: Miss Vegetarian. 
MEDIA: 2B Mecha Pencil, Drawing Pen, Coloring in Adobe Photoshop.
BACKGROUND: This is my vegetable Character Design. Actually my juniors came up with the idea in making vegetable community(I'm not sure the exact purpose... hihihi...)... So, they asked me to create a character from any vegetables that I like... Since my favourite veggies was taken from other people that joined this community(in Facebook), so I choose Pudina for my character design.  But the weird thing is, the character should has a tail and ears, of an animals! Some kind of mutant, I think... So, where do the veggies character comes from? Well, It can be depicted from the veggies nature and characteristics itself. :) ... Meet Dyna the Pudina... ^^

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